What are Reg D Limits?


Per Federal Reserve Bank regulations governing all financial institutions, savings accounts are subject to Regulation D transfer limits (6 per month---see below).

These restrictions are on any electronic transfers such as those initiated through our PS24 audio response system, Home Banking service, overdraft transfers to checking, etc.

Specifically "automatic or telephone withdrawals or transfers FROM YOUR
SAVINGS are limited to no more than six (6) per calendar month..."

There are no limits on automatic or telephone withdrawals or transfers from your checking account. You may also make unlimited withdrawals or transfers FROM YOUR SAVINGS by mail, in person or at an ATM.

Your credit union has prominently placed Reg D information on our website and all electronic applications to remind members of this restriction.

Finally, we have repeatedly written to the Federal Reserve Bank and our congressional delegation to request legislation to eliminate Reg D restrictions. We agree that in today's electronic age, this is an unnecessary burden to place on our members.