Abusive Member Policy




General Policy Statement:

The Board of Directors is responsible for planning, directing and controlling the Credit Union’s affairs.  In an effort to enhance the services provided to members, the Credit Union may need to limit services to abusive and/or threatening members.  The purpose of this policy is to set forth the guidelines for management and staff to use in establishing and maintaining the Limiting Services To Abusive Members Policy. 



 (A)  Board Responsibility. This policy and any recommended changes shall be approved by the Board of Directors ("Board").

(B)  Management Responsibility. Credit Union management ("management") will be responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance of the Credit Union's limited services program.  As part of this responsibility, management will review any member issue that appears to be abusive or threatening towards any staff or other members. This review will include discussions with any staff that was involved in or witnessed inappropriate behavior from a member.

 (2)                 ACTION

 (A) Review: Upon completion of management’s review, if a member’s actions has been deemed abusive or threatening, that member may be denied access to credit union’s premises and to any service that involves personal contact with credit union’s employees.  The member may still have access to the ATM, PS-24, Internet Banking and night drop.  The offending member will be reasonably notified of the Credit Union’s determination and action in writing.

 (B)  Documentation:  Management will keep a written record of the incident(s) that caused the limiting of services.  Management may reinstate denied services if management is provided with information that reasonably assures the credit union that the abusive or threatening incident(s) were isolated event(s).

 (C) Reports to law Enforcement.  In the discretion of management, member misconduct that is of a vexatious, threatening or harassing nature, may be reported to the municipal police department closest to the Credit Union premises.