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Shared Branching

Did you know that your ability to conduct business with your credit union extends thousands of miles beyond our local branches? Now that Seaboard participates in the shared branching network, you can walk into any Shared Branching location displaying the "Co-Op Shared Branch" logo and make transactions directly with your account at Seaboard, such as:

  • Deposit, withdraw, or transfer funds*
  • Make loan payments
  • Make a balance inquiry
  • Get money orders and VISA gift cards

Each Shared Branching location will have automatic access to your regular account and works just like your Credit Union branch. Now you will be able to conduct business all over town, all over the state, and all over the country at any Shared Branching locations.

All you will need are three things:

  • The name of your credit union
  • Your savings account number
  • A current valid government-issued picture identification with signature

Within a few seconds, the Member Service Representative at the Shared Branching location will be linked to your credit union account and can make deposits, withdrawals or transfers transactions.

Technology and the spirit of cooperation have enabled credit unions across the country to welcome you in the personal manner you're accustomed to at your credit union. You do not have to belong to the credit union displaying the "Co-Op Shared Branch" logo, and there are no fees for conducting a transaction at the Shared Branch. The only things you cannot do at a Shared Branching location is join the credit union, correct errors on your account or open, close or make changes to your account. To Find a Shared Branch location, you can click the link below or call 1-800-919-2872.


Withdrawals: CO-OP Shared Branches are allowed to limit cash withdrawals to $500 per day, though many CO-OP Shared Branches have higher limits depending on their cash availability. If a Seaboard member needs to withdraw more than $500, you should call the Shared Branch that you plan to visit beforehand to find out their cash withdrawal limit. Guest members visiting a Seaboard FCU branch may withdraw $5,000. Both Seaboard members and guest members are subject to a Shared Branch cash withdrawal limit of $10,000 over any two-day period.

Deposit Holds: Seaboard members depositing checks at a Shared Branch will be subject to holds that match Seaboard FCU’s existing Funds Availability policy. Guest members depositing checks at Seaboard FCU should contact their credit union to discuss any check holds.

*The funds you deposit at the Credit Union Service Center locations may not be available for immediate withdrawal from your credit union account. Holds are placed by your own credit union on items you deposit through the Shared Branching locations based on your credit union's hold policies.